How to Plan a Super Hero Birthday Party

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Do you have a super hero wanna-be at your house?  Who hasn’t wished for super powers to overcome every obstacle and destroy dastardly deeds?! It’s a fun fantasy that translates into a terrific super hero birthday party theme, too. You can build a celebration with licensed characters or feature original heroes who have every kind of ability you want to give them. Want to know how to plan a super hero birthday? Read on for inspiration!

Super Hero Birthday Party

Super Hero Birthday Party: Costumes

One of the most engaging aspects of a super hero themed party is wearing costumes and pretending a whole new persona. Have guests come in their favorite super hero costume or provide dress-up pieces as part of your celebration. Masks and capes are de rigeur of course; cuffs and shields are optional.  You can purchase costumes, but kids are just as happy with handmade versions. If you’re not an accomplished seamstress, make capes and masks with felt, Velcro and a glue gun. XXL t-shirts morph into credible capes, too.

Super Hero Birthday Party

Super Hero Birthday Party: Decorations

Although cute kids buzzing around in capes will provide a lot of color, you’ll want to include some decorations. A popular food table treatment is to make the table backdrop a city skyline using black paper, cardboard or even chalkboard. Paint or cover empty boxes with wrapping paper to look like city buildings that add dimension to your tablescape.  Stars, power bolts and thought bubbles proclaiming “BAM!” “POW!” and “ZAP!” add interest. Dress water bottles in mini capes and stick a few masks on balloons for fun. Cut comic pages into pennants and create a paper bunting to festoon the party space.

Super Hero Birthday Party

Super Hero Birthday Party: Menu Ideas

Whatever food choices you decide to offer, use fun names. You might serve muscle sandwiches, bionic veggies, power elixir fruit cups, hero (Chex) mix and lava juice; you get the idea!

Super Hero Birthday Party: Activities

For entertainment, a number of classic games seem fresh when given a super hero spin. Here are a few suggestions:

  • tug-of-war
  • super speed test (relay races)
  • power show (knock down stacked cans/blocks)
  • destroy the poison (pop bubbles)
  • pass the kryptonite (hot potato)
  • destroy the enemy (piñata punch)
  • pin the “S” on the cape

Outside, have Dad or an older sibling dress up as a “bad guy” who throws destructive power balls around the “city”. Kids must pick them all up before they detonate.

For a quiet activity, pre-make a stack of super hero paper figures, capes and masks; let kids design their own super heroes using crayons, markers and glue. You can also have kids “disguise” cupcakes or cookies at a decorating station.  Of course, they’ll have to make them disappear…which is no trouble for a super hero!

Be sure to get lots of pictures of those partying super heroes. Send copies with thank-you notes but be sure to keep copies for yourself to remember the day every villain was taken out by the cutest collection of super heroes this side of Krypton.

What would your kids love at a super hero themed birthday party?


  1. I went to a great super heroes party today too. Great ideas.

  2. My son is turning 4 next week. I am going to use a few of your ideas for his party games… hey, I think the Super Speed Test might become a daily thing in hopes of wearing him out… HA!

    Featuring you on Tell Me About It Tuesday tonight!

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