Easter Activity Ideas: Math Printables for Kids

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Who is ready for some Easter activity ideas that involve learning with your kids?

I created a five page packet of Easter printables that are perfect for most preschoolers, all Pre K aged kids and many Kindergartners would find this collection fun as well.

These are great for homeschoolers as well as moms and dads doing their own preschool at home. Parents wanting to do extra enriching at home with their kids who attend school outside of the home, will enjoy these printables as well.

If you are hosting Easter festivities at your house this year, these would be fun to print out and have at the kids’ table to keep them occupied while dinner is coming together.

easter activities for kids math printables

You can print these math printables for kids here.

Feel free to do all of the pages at one time or space them out over a couple of days.

The first page is simple addition using the numbers 0-9 within the math problem.

There are seven math problems total.

The blue egg is the space for them to capture their answer.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 The next page asks that you fill in the missing number.

There are six separate rows.

For some rows you need to fill in one missing number. For other rows there are two missing numbers, etc.

Again, you are working with numbers 0-9.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 The next printable is counting eggs.

How many eggs are there? Circle the correct number.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 Let’s count eggs again.

Draw a line from the number on the left to the number of eggs on the right.

This is the perfect time to talk about left and right as well.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 This printable requires the most work.

There are 25 empty eggs.

Start at the left and work your way to the right numbering the eggs from 1-25.

This is the perfect time to remind your little one we work from left to right and from top to bottom.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids


Artwork for these printables are from https://www.scrappindoodles.com.


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