Elf on the Shelf The Workout

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Does your Elf on the Shelf workout? That is exactly what we caught ours doing today!

Our girl Elf, Diane, was stretching. Our boy Elf, Jack, was lifting weights.

Yes, lifting weights! With a dumbbell made of a paper straw and cookies.


elf on the shelf ideas workout

I simply used a hot glue gun to secure the pre-packaged shortbread cookies to a festive paper straw that I cut down.

I bent his legs and just manipulated his positioning until he stayed and did not move. Luck, really. lol

I used a thumbtack to pin girl Elf on the Shelf’s hands to her legs to post her as stretching.

So much fun!

cookie and straw dumbbell workout elf on the shelf


They need the workout with all of the cookies and goodies we’ve left them!

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elf on the shelf ideas


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