Elf on the Shelf: What is an Elf’s Favorite Music

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Our Elf is a joke maker.

Yesterday he was hanging off our television in the living room with a joke in hand.

elf on the shelf notes

Elves have a favorite music. How knew.

I have a sheet of eight Elf on the Shelf Notes that you can print.

elf on the shelf note

Check out 30 days of Elf on the Shelf ideas here on my site as well for fun ways to share this tradition with your kids.


  1. Angie Covey says:

    Thanks for sharing these. just so you know the note in the top right is not complete. it comes up with the border then a green blob.

    1. Angie- it is downloading complete on my end. You might want to close the document and then reopen it.
      Hope that helps.

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