Essential Oil Use Chart

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Let me tell you, essential oils are changing our home. We’ve been using them since May of last year and while we were a pretty healthy family already, we’ve just continued to become a more natural (maybe crunchy) home.

I use essential oils daily. We incorporate them into so much of our life. We use them in recipe like food, creating DIY shaving cream, homemade sunscreen, homemade soaps, dishwashing tablets and more! We’ve added calming oils to homemade play dough, bubbles and more!

I want to share this essential oil use chart with you. (Wondering where I buy essential oils online? Go here to learn more!)

essential oil use chart

Wondering what some of the most amazing uses are for my favorite oils and for the 11 most used oils, which are available in a kit for half off? Here are all of the ways you can use them!

Essential Oil Use Chart

essential oil uses chart


Click here to print this chart.

Ready to buy oils? Go here to order your Premium Starter Kit. It comes with $300+ worth of products (including 11 oils and a diffuser) for $150!


young living premium starter kit


 How to Use Essential Oils:

Oils can be used three different ways:

  • Topical- apply oil directly to desired area or use Vita Flex (foot) points
  • Aromatic– inhale directly or use an ultrasonic diffuser  (You get a Young Living diffuser when you purchase the wholesale kit. I also like this diffuser.)
  • Dietary– in vegetable based capsules, in water or in food. (I add lemon to my water regularly and cook with oils often.)

Vita Flex



More Uses for Essential Oils

Need a better nightʼs sleep?

Peace and Calming, lavender, or Dream Catcher on the bottom of your feet and brushed on your pillowcase before going to bed will help you sleep like a baby! ImmuPro and SleepEssence – natural melatonin supplements plus soothing oils for those difficult times

Dealing with pain?

PanAway, Deep Relief, Stress Away, copaiba, peppermint, helichrysum, Idaho Balsam Fir, Regenolone cream, Neurogen Cream, frankincense, lavender, lemon, chamomile, Trauma Life, Relieve It – rub them where it hurts Raindrop Technique Kit – all 9 oils rubbed, one at a time, on the back, or on the area of the discomfort

Having a stressful day? Use Stress Away roll-on all day long! Peace and Calming is also great! Use all four of the following oils, one after another: Valor – bottom of feet or a drop on one wrist and hold the other wrist to it for a few moments Harmony – single drop over the solar plexus (above the belly button)

Joy – single drop, over the heart White Angelica – single drop in one hand, rub hands together, and brush head, face, shoulders, arms, body, right down the legs, over the clothes, as if applying an “angelic shield”

Catching  the seasonal yuckies?

Thieves in capsules, and add 2 – 3 drops of oregano to it, before sealing. First time? Start with no more than 3 drops in a cap. Dilute if desired. Longevity caps, Inner Defense

Sinus trouble?

Put a drop of peppermint oil in one hand, rub hands together, and cup over nose, and breathe deeply. You can also use R.C. this way. Or you can diffuse.

Bronchial or respiratory distress?

RC and Raven – RC chest and back, Raven bottom of the feet, several times a day. Next day switch – Raven chest and back, RC bottom of the feet, several times a day. Next day, switch back – go back and forth, day by day, until you get the results you want.

Need more stamina and energy?

MultiGreens (supplement) and Ningxia Red every day – this combination is AMAZING! True Source, Longevity. Peppermint – on the body or diffused in the room

• Does your immune system need help?

Get more sleep, drink plenty of water, and: NingXia Red, Longevity, and Stress Away – these 3 products are amazing together! Inner Defense, ImmuPro, Cleansing Trio, ImmuPower (oil blend) up the spine, all the “Juva” products to cleanse and protect the liver

Would you like enhanced clarity of thought?

Frankincense, peppermint, Clarity, Brain Power, vetiver – inhale, or rub on back of neck.

All of these oils can be purchased at 24% off after the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit.


How are you using essential oils in your home? Here are some amazing creations of ours. 


Here are more ways to use essential oils in your home.

homemade carpet freshener


  1. Thanks for stopping by to share your blog in Friday Features on Oh My Heartsie Girl this week. I appreciate thee tips on using Essential oils, I inherited a bunch of these and am in the process of learning uses for the ones I have. Your chart will be useful and Im off to check out the sunscreen recipe.

    Hope you enjoy your day!

  2. I was impressed with the chart as I said, I inherited a bunch, I have printed the chart and I am sharing them on my Friday Features Linky Party this week. Stop by and new links!!!
    Have a great weekend, Karren

  3. Kathleen Herman says:

    I read through this page but I am not sure if you are selling the oils other than the wholesale package? I don’t know anything about using oils or how to mix them or just to use them together. How do you know if you are supposed to put them on your skin or ingest them?

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