Construction Paper House Craft for Preschoolers

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Learning the letters of the alphabet are more fun when crafting comes into play! We love doing crafts and being creative together! Plus this one is great for shape learning too!

Letter /Hh/ is for house and why not build your own house and make it something amazing! Sit down and craft this one up for letter /Hh/!

Let me show you just how easy it is to make an h is for house craft with your preschooler!

Supplies You Will Need:

This letter of the week craft is super simple but it has some really great skill building to go along with it! Not only is your preschooler gong to build a house but they will be practicing scissor skills and shape recognition too!

Scissor cutting is great for building hand strength which also helps with pencil grip!! Supervise them cutting, but let them so as much of it as possible.

Begin by cutting strips from each of the colors of your construction paperĀ (excluding the white paper). Just cut them the width of the paper. They are rectangles!

Assemble your cut pieces to build your house and glue them to the white paper. Then cut a large triangle for the roof and a few square windows. Glue them as well. Make sure to point out that these are squares! Make a rectangle door and chimney for the house too!

Feel free to decorate the outside of the house with whatever you want!


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