Preschool Car Craft Made from an Egg Carton

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Learning all about letter /c/ wouldn’t be fun without a craft! This C is for car craft is sweet and easy to make with just a few materials you have in your craft cabinet! Tie this craft into your letter of the week projects!

Check out this cute car!



You will need:

Begin by first cutting your egg carton to include 2 eggs holes for each car.

Than paint the cut out cartons with the paint of your choosing. Paint only the outside of the carton. We did green, red, and yellow! Allow them to dry.While your painted egg cartons are drying you can cut the black card stock. Cut 4 small circles with your circle paper cutter for the wheels. We also cut a few half circles for our headlights. This is completely optional!

Once the painted cartons are dry we glued the card stock and the headlights we created with some hot glue.


Such a fun and easy afternoon craft to celebrate all of our learning about letter /c/!

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