Alligator Clothespin Craft

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If you are looking for a fun craft that goes right along with learning this letter, this craft is perfect! They give your kiddos to create something all their own and it totally ties into the letter of the week! Plus you don’t need a whole lot of materials to get this alligator craft done! Most of it is easy stuff you have in your craft cabinet!

Check out how we brought our alligator to life for letter /a/!

Supplies you will need:

First you need to paint the alligator body. Cover your clothespin in green paint. We didn’t paint the bottom to save the mess! Set it to the side to dry.

While your clothespin dries you can cute the pipe cleaner into 2 pieces for the legs and arms. We bent them a little to help with standing. If your clothespin is dry you can attach them accordingly.

Attach your googly eyes but make sure to leave room for his mouth!

Fold your construction paper or card stock in a zig zag pattern to give your alligator some bumps on his back! Attach it with some glue.

Take a dab of red paint and paint a red strip for his mouth by opening the clothespin just a bit.

Isn’t he a great looking gator!

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