This eBook will  teach you how to meal plan, while saving you money and saving you time – in 5 easy steps.

how to meal plan ebook

Do you struggle with getting dinner on the table for your family? Do you need to save money on your grocery bill? Do you want to save time in the kitchen and spend more time with your family? Weekly meal planning is your solution!

If you struggle with meal planning this book is for you! I will help you get dinner on the table.

I am here to tell you that your family does not want a gourmet meal, they simple want dinner around the table as a family. Mom’s make dinnertime so much more complicated than it needs to be. This eBook simplifies everything!

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(Psst….My next eBook, available in time for back to school, will include 21 Real Easy Recipes with printable grocery lists, recipe cards and side serving suggestions!)

how to meal plan

How To Meal Plan eBook  $4.99 

This eBook includes:

    • how to meal plan in 5 easy steps
    • a list of 20 sites to find recipes on
    • how to create a grocery list (with 10 resources and tools)
    • 12 ideas for displaying your menu
    • pointers for implementing your plan
    • tips to follow when road blocks arrive
    • 5 free printable worksheets that have been custom-made for this eBook
    • 14 easy recipes for two weeks of dinner ideas
    • an awesome list of 10+  mommy resources for other potential problem areas in your life

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