How to Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year (Podcast Episode 001)

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My husband and I have ZERO credit card debt. None.

The only cards with a Visa symbol are connected to our checking account.

We comfortably live each month off of what you probably pay for your monthly mortgage. And we’re happy!!! (Check out our 30 ways to save money!)

So many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

They spend so much on their mortgage and car payments that if they lost their job tomorrow they would lose everything they have.

We are here to help you turn this around.

how to save thousands every year podcast

Do you want to know how my husband and I save THOUSANDS of dollars every year? We are sharing the details with you in our very first podcast! (Click here to listen to our free podcast download episode 001!)


defend your money

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you tired of making money just to give it away?
  • Do you feel like you work just to pay bills?
  • Does your monthly/weekly budget include things other than necessitates?
  • Are you house broke?
  • What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow?
  • Are you self-sufficient?
  • If you had to take a job making $9.00 an hour would you lose everything?
  • Are you in the middle of a financial crisis?
  • Does thinking about your monthly expenses keep you up at night?


We can help you. We have one simple tip that teaches you how to save thousands every year. It is THE tip we have always implemented in our home.

Maybe you long to be a stay at home mom and be home with your babies. Maybe you think it is impossible to live a wonderful life on one income. We are here to prove to you that this is just not true!

Let us share with you exactly how we do it!

Listen to the podcast and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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 how to save thousands every year


ways to save money


  1. Awesome! We are a family of 9, single income, debt free for years and less than a year away from paying off our house five years from purchase date. Preach it guys!!

    1. What an inspiration you are Jenny! And, what a great example you’re setting for your children!

  2. Christina says:

    I really enjoyed this Podcast. Thanks so much for posting!

    1. Your comment makes my day! Thank you so much! We’re excited to record the next one and share it with you guys!

  3. I’m a single stay at home mom who lives WELL (in my eyes, rich) on what the world calls poverty, $18k/year. I have no debt and am happy. I love this post! It is very possible to live a life free of debt. 🙂

    1. You are so sweet to listen to our podcast! I agree, we live on an income that most would think is impossible. We do this by choice because we want to be here with our kids as much as possible, present and raising them. It really is perspective.

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

  4. Living a life free of debt is my dream! With a small amount of credit card debt and huge student loans (that seem hopeless sometimes) I struggle especially since I’m not making a steady monthly income right now. Love this podcast and can’t wait to hear the next one!

    1. Meaghan thank you so much for listening! Student loans are tough and very unforgiving. I wish you all the best in making it to a debt free life!

  5. Crystal, This is such an important thing to be teaching people. I was raised the way Lenny was. My grandparents were an inspiration to all of us and they shared what they saved with their church and the poor. My parents showed us through their actions how to manage money. Love the McDonald’s budget concept 🙂
    Save for a rainy day!

    1. Growing up, Lenny’s parents would go on mission trips to Mexico with their kids. They would come home only with the clothes on their back- leaving everything they had for the less fortunate. His parents taught him how to be a servant heart and how to be resourceful. It always amazed me!

      Thanks for listening Sheila!

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