Large Family Meal Plan Week 236

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I am so ready for a new week of meal planning. This weekend we did a freezer meal assembly video. Not sure if you had a chance to watch it over in the Get Dinner on the Table Facebook page or not. Take a minute to watch it. We show you how to put together seven meals in less than an hour. A few of those meals are on my meal plan this week. Let me just say, freezer meal planning makes life so much easier.

Here is our large family meal plan. If you’re not meal planning, you’re likely overspending on food and eating out more than you and your family want. Trust me, I know from experience, everyone gets tired of eating out. Especially the kids. And your bank account.



Large Family Meal Plan

Sheet Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies– this is one of our freezer meals for April. I am serving this over top steamed brown rice. I love that this recipe uses lots of fresh veggies, including asparagus. The leftover marinate will go perfect ladled over the chicken, veggies and rice.

Black Bean and Barley Burritos– these are so good! I will serve them in tortillas If you’ve watched any of our FB Live freezer meal videos, you know these¬†and these are my favorites. You buy them raw and then heat them on the stove. They taste just like homemade.

Salmon Patties– served with sweet potato fries (I love the Walmart brand) and salad.

Stuffed Spinach Artichoke Chicken– we made this freezer meal the other night in our assembly video. We did not have the energy to stuff these so we made the stuffing and used it as a topping instead. Can’t wait to try this. Serving with rolls and salad.

Marinated Garlic Sweet Chili– this is from our February freezer meal plan. I will serve it with steamed broccoli and brown rice. I buy 3.5 pound bags of frozen broccoli and it lasts my family at least a week, often two. I order it from Walmart when I place my grocery order online. If you’ve not given online grocery shopping a try, seriously, it is time! I feel so spoiled. Each week I shop my fridge, my pantry and my freezer and then whatever else I need I just order online and pick it up. You literally pull up and they load the groceries for you. No extra charges at all. It’s my go to!

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up. If we don’t have leftovers we will make bacon and eggs, omelets or pancakes.


What is on your meal plan this week? We would love to know.

Personally, I love reading other mama’s meal plans because it gives me ideas.

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Have You Tried Freezer Meal Planning

I am here to tell you, if you’re a mama who struggles preparing some freezer meals will make your week and your nights so much smoother!

This month our freezer meal plan is all lower calorie recipes. We think you will love them. It’s seven meals you can assemble in less than an hour! You can download it here.

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