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After all of these years of cooking dinner for my family I had the greatest revelation recently.

You know how the fly lady says it all starts with the kitchen sink? Keep it clean. Clean your sink first and if it is clean everything else will start to fall into place?

That is exactly how meal planning is for me. When my meal plan is created for the week, dinner is thawing and waiting to be cooked, and dinner is on track to be eaten at a decent hour… this is what makes everything else in the house run smooth. EVERYTHING.

When it’s not in order, everything starts to fall apart. I am stressed. I am irritated. I am overwhelmed.

It has only taken 19 years of raising kids and being a mom to have this lightbulb moment.

Are you ready to see what I am feeing my family this week? Here is what large family meal planning looks like at my house.



Large Family Meal Planning

Spinach Lasagna Rollups– these are from our freezer meal plan from this month. They look so delicious and I have them thawing and we’re making them for dinner tonight. I am serving a side salad and rolls as sides. I am using these dinner rolls and taking one of our community members ideas and improvising a bit. I am topping them with butter, Mrs. Dash and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Creamy Bean Burritos– these looks so yummy, are budget friendly and very simple to make. Score for a weeknight dinner.


Chorizo and Eggs– this is such a super easy dinner idea and we love breakfast for dinner!

Baked Ziti– we made this back in January in our freezer meal prep. That one is long gone, but it’s time to make another one!

Mexican Chicken and Corn Casserole– we will serve this with a salad. It’s an all in one meal.

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up!


Freezer Meal Planning

Freezer meal planning is a huge part of what make meal planning easy for me.  Today it was such a relief to know what was ahead for dinnertime. To know that is off of my to do list and all I need to do is pop pre-assembled spinach lasagna rolls in the oven.

We have six children at home. I run my own business (this website which is so much more than a post a day), I help my husband run our family business, I co-own a website where we teach others how to blog and I homeschool. Our days are busy and without meal planning dinner time becomes an overwhelming time when you have six hungry kids staring at you and you have no plan.

For me, freezer meal planning takes all of that stress away.

If you need help getting dinner on the table, we can help!

Grocery Shopping

And you know what makes meal planning and freezer meal assembly 150% easier for this busy mama? Online grocery shopping. (Use my link and get $10 off your first order!) I rely on it every single week. It’s changed my meal planning and budgeting. I never overspend anymore. And the best part, is free to use!

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