7 Tips To Make Moving A Breeze

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Moving can be such a daunting experience, especially when you have a herd to move. I mean, just the thought of ever moving from our house makes me so nervous. Am I the only one who loses at least one box every move?

If your house is like mine then over the years it has become conditioned to a growing family, new things, and of course, memories. However sometimes moving is just in the cards.

No worries, I have some awesome moving tips for us all that will really make things easier. tips to make moving a breeze

Moving to a new place can cause some real apprehension. After all, there is the thought of transferring furniture, toys, and those precious household treasures you sure do not want to get broken. Packing can be such an overwhelming experience. The thought of it all is just a headache.

If you are a military family, relocating for a job, or just moving to change the scenery temporarily there are some ways to get the whole thing done without a hitch! Check out these tips to make moving a breeze!

CORT furniture rental

Moving Tips

1. During times of transition it can be easier to consider the thought of furniture rental rather than the worry of moving a bunch of furniture. CORT Furniture Rental is a national furniture rental company leading the industry with furniture on demand. It is there when you need and gone when you don’t need it! So no hassle with trying to move a ton of heavy belongings and you still get a home away from home and it is one less thing to worry about!

2. Stock up on boxes for free. You can spend a lot of your moving budget on boxes. Find them at your local grocery stores and department stores for free! All you have to do is ask.

3. Downsize where you can. Get rid of unnecessary stuff before you pack. (This also limits the opportunity to lose a box on the move. lol)  Moving a bunch of stuff you do not need is just adding to the headache. Plan a garage sale, sell them online, or donate locally!

4. Take pictures of the back of your electronics. There is nothing more annoying than trying to figure out where all of those cords go! With a picture it is an instant refresher!

5. Use garbage bags for hanging clothes. Move all of your closets in no time by creating small groups of clothes with garbage bags. No need to rehang anything. It is just moved from one closet to another.

6. Pack one room at a time. Don’t mix up everything up by packing different rooms into one box. Pack room by room so the unpacking process is easy and simple!

7. Fix a first night box. This can be a true lifesaver. After a big move you are exhausted and just want the essentials to get through the night. This first night box idea will store everything you need for your first night’s stay!

(Check out this gorgeous living room set! I had no idea you could rent furniture this nice! Did you?)

cort 1

We’ve shared our best tips. Now, you share yours!

And I would love to know, would you rent furniture, especially in a time of transition? 

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  1. My husband just got out of the military last year and my dad was military for 28.5 years. Moving can be fun – except for the packing part haha. I am definitely aware of CORT and their great pricing for military families I have a lot of furniture that is sentimental, so I wouldn’t rent, but believe me if I didn’t, I’d be using CORT in a heartbeat. My tips are step away from things once in awhile. Yes, you have a deadline, but taking five minutes for a breather-and your sanity-is better than burning out!

  2. Nice tip on the first night box. Moving is really stressful with the packing and unpacking of things. That’s why it helps to live a minimalistic lifestyle so that you have fewer things to pack.

  3. One of the biggest things I learned by moving is to keep downsizing each season. You never realize how much you collect so once every 3-4 I like to go on a purging spree cleaning out things I know longer need and giving it way.

  4. As someone who has moved (a family of 6) several times, I’m kind of a pro at it now. You have some of the best tips I know of listed in your post! I really love the garbage bags for hanging clothes tip!

  5. I needed these tips last year! Moving was so stressful for me! Especially that we work selling and buying all at the same time! We’ll probably move one more time so I’ll keep these handy!

  6. Moving is one of those things that I absolutely dread, you just don’t know how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you go to move it all. Your #4 tips is absolutely genius! Hooking up electronics is so stressful!

  7. I am an old pro at moving but that first night box tip is a good one! I’ll definitely make use of that, next time we move.

    Don’t forget to label boxes with the room to which they go. Colour coding is also good. Green, kitchen. Blue, living room. Red, master bedroom. Pink, office and so on. I put a colour swatch on the boxes that correspond to the rooms into which they will be unloaded. I tape a piece of paper to the door frame that matches the boxes for that room. It makes it faster and easier for the crew (and my husband who is prone to dumping boxes just wherever. 😉 ) and easier for me to keep everything organized and under control.

  8. I’ve moved many more times than I’ve liked and tips like these have helped me get through each one. I always try and downsize during a move. It leads to less packing and less junk once I get to the new place. Great post!

  9. I have moved more times than I care to count in the last 2 years. We’re right in the middle of a mce from NC to MI right now. Your tips about photographing the back of you electronics and having a first night box are spot on!

  10. Moving can be a bit daunting especially for first timers, just make sure you prepare a checklist for things you need and don’t need. And the most important thing is to hire a professional moving company that will handle the stressful part of moving your stuff.

  11. Awesome tips Crystal! We also recommend using labels and color coding on boxes to help you stay organized when moving.

  12. Great tips! I haven’t heard the trick about taking pictures of the back of electronics, I will have to keep that in mind! Thanks for sharing.

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