Hydro in their stockings?

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Let me just tell you, my man always smells amazing. And its the hydro.

The Hydro Wash from Old Spice, that is.

Have you seen this stuff? It is hands down my husband’s favorite and what he reaches for over and over again in the bathroom.

Hydro Wash is part of their Pure Sport Plus line. It smells so amazing and when you use the body wash, hair wash and deodorant it is one manly smell! I mean, after all, Old Spice is like the manliest brand on the planet!

It’s crazy because until about five years ago, when I would think of Old Spice I always thought of aftershave.

Do you remember the old porcelain white bottles with the ship on them? Those are etched in my mind.

Today Old Spice has so many options and this is one reason why I love them for all my guys.

My husband grabs for the Hydro Wash and Pure Sport collection while our teen goes for the Swagger line.

Our eleven year old twins and eight year old love the Fiji smell. Everyone can grab what they need and love. Let me just say our bathrooms are full of Old Spice!

Right now, Old Spice has gift sets that you can grab at Walmart, Target and other online store. The sets are under $15. They come in boxes that are ready to give as a gift. I love that each box comes with a pair of Foot Cardigan socks with the manly Old Spice on right on them riding a horse. Our teen has about five pair of these now and he wears them all the time.

While you can give the gift boxes as is, you can also take everything out of the box and just stuff them in the stocking. This is what I am doing this year.

And, did you know that they also have hair care products too? Lenny and Anthony LOVE their hair gel. There are many different pomade and hair waxes to choose from too. They all have their own manly scent.

These are perfect for stockings as well and make great gifts for co-workers too!

Even if you just started your Christmas shopping this week (like me… yap I am always a last minute shopper) these are great gift sets to grab and give to every amazing and manly man in your life. I promise, these will be some of their favorite gifts they get this season.


When you think of Old Spice do you think of the vintage porcelain bottles like I used to? Did you realize they offer so many products for the guys? Seriously, it’s time. Make the men in your life Old Spice men! 




Disclosure: I am so happy to partner with Old Spice this Christmas season! We already loved their products and we are honored to share I love with you!


  1. This is a real nice gift set. My oldest son love Old Spice, I usally get him a few items to add to his stocking, I just saw a set at Walmart last night, passed it right by. Now I’ll have to send my daughter back to pick of a few for the men. You can’t beat the price for these gift sets!

  2. I’m a huge Old Spice fan. I love the idea of giving useful, meaningful gifts for the holidays like this.

  3. I had no idea that Old Spice had so many different products! I have to be honest and say that Old Spice still reminds me of my Grandpa. That’s not a bad thing but it certainly stuck with me. The shape of the bottles and certainly the smell. Good stuff!

    1. Sue, they have a ton to choose from. To say that my husband, teen, tween twins and eight year old all use their hair and shower products says a lot. So much to choose from!

  4. I still have my grandfather’s white porcelain old spice bottle to this day. While the scent is not so great anymore – because my grandfather passed so long ago, I am still very fond of it. I clearly remember how he smelled and it brings back fond memories. I will check out Old Spice again when I go to the store next.

  5. I have always loved the smell of Old SPice ever since I was a kid. My grandpa used to wear it and maybe still does. My husband has tried many of the different scents and products and he loves it. He really likes the Denali scent of the deodorant.

  6. This is what we are doing for our stocking stuffers this year. Lots of items that we already use in our home. My husband loves the old spice items so we got some of those as well. Hard to believe that Christmas is just in a few days!

  7. My man always smells amazing, too. He is reall big on always having great smelling deodorant and cologne. I am surprised he hasn’t brought this home. (Great Christmas stocking stuff, I’m thinking!)

  8. I was the exact same way about Old Spice. I only ever thought of it as an aftershave that my grandfather wore. Then a few years ago someone gave my husband a gift set. It smells amazing and he uses several of the products together to layer that scent.

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