25 Groovy Pete The Cat Activities and Snacks

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Pete the Cat is such a hit for kids. He totally takes learning and stories to a whole new level. Each time we read a book I can tell my kids get excited. The catchy rhymes and fun of the story are so attractive for kids.

With back to school just around the corner Pete is a perfect story time adventure. With groovy buttons and new shoes the fun never ends. Kick off your school year with Pete and these 25 Groovy Pete the Cat Inspired Activities and Snacks.

25 Pete the Cat Activities and Snack Recipes 

How are your kids learning and having fun with Pete the Cat? Share your activities and ideas!

25 Groovy Pete The Cat Activities and Snacks

Learn along with Pete and these 25 groovy Pete the Cat activities and snacks!

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  1. I’ve never heard of Pete the cat but I love a good list of activities to do with my child.
    He’s especially into baking lately!

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