Free Printable Math Game Pete the Cat Inspired

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We are in love with Pete the Cat books! Seriously. My boys love them.

Have you read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons? Super fun book! I love the way it incorporates math into the story.

And guess what? My boys and I made a free printable math game to go with the book! We love educational activities for kids!

Free Printable Math Game for Kids


Cut everything out in the printable pack.

Assemble the spinner using the craft brad.

Assemble and glue the dice together.

Place all of the cards in stacks according to color, face down.

Place the space value card near each stack so that the kids know how many spaces each card is worth.

board games for kids

Roll the dice and the child who rolls the highest number will go first and then the order of the rest of the players will go clockwise.

board game spinner

Whatever color they land on when they spin, this is the color of card they will draw.

If they answer the math problem correctly, they will move forward the number of spaces indicated.

If they get the answer wrong, they will move backwards that many spaces, or back to START if there are not enough spaces back to go.

If you get the math problem right, you keep the card.

If you get the math problem wrong it goes back at the bottom of the stack.

board game

The first player to reach the final spot on the game board is the winner!!

board game for pete the cat


Enjoy reading the book together as well! Such a fun read!!

pete the cat button book


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  2. Such a great idea for little ones. Thanks for sharing on More the Merrier Monday link party!!

  3. My kids love Pete the Cat!

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