I will never make that mistake again!

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This post is sponsored by Signature Care Diapers. All opinions and stories are my own.
I have been a mama for nineteen years now. When I think about that, it really is hard to wrap my head around.  Nineteen years!!!
As many of you know, I have six boys still at home. They range from 2 all the way up to 17.
I will never forget when I brought my oldest son home from the hospital. I was one of those moms who changed his diaper every single hour whether he needed it or not. So silly looking back. I know I wasted many diapers in the beginning.
I will also never forget the first time my mother visited me at home after we had brought Garrett home from the hospital.  She had raised five kids herself, three of them were boys. I had mentioned to her many times over the phone when she would call to check on me that my little guy kept peeing on me when I would change his diaper.
Well, she came to visit, and I laid him down on the sofa to change him.
As I changed him she and I carried on a conversation. Once I had removed the diaper and used a baby wipe, I took the new, clean diaper and fanned it over him in an attempt to dry his skin. I thought I was doing a good thing.
Suddenly my sweet little week-and-a-half old baby peed into the air. It went all over the sofa, all over me, all over him.
I looked at my mother dumbfounded and said, “See Mom, he does this all the time!”.
I will never forget what she said. “Crystal Lee Ann, you CANNOT fan a baby boy like that when you’re changing his diaper. No wonder he pees on you every time you change him!”
Honestly, I have no idea why I thought fanning him was a good idea… I should have known better. Makes perfect sense that he would pee!
All these boys later and I am here to tell you I have NEVER done that again!
Just when I thought my baby raising days were over, in the last three years we have adopted two sweet little boys. They are biological brothers and came to our home a year apart from each other. Each were in diapers when they arrived.
Little Jack Jack is still in diapers. He just turned two in July. We will be potty training at some point in the next year (when he is ready; I never like to push that) but I can tell you there are things I look for in a diaper at this stage in my parenting.
Comfort is huge for me. I do not ever want my littles wearing an uncomfortable diaper. I love that Signature Care Diapers provides this for our little Jack.
With quality comes comfort. Signature Care diapers are quality I can trust while not breaking my pocketbook.
Leak protection is HUGE to me! Be it leaking while we’re on the go or leaking overnight, this is a nightmare for any parent with a little one in diapers. Signature Care diapers give up to 12 hours of excellent leak protection! I also love that there is a color changing wetness indicator on the front of each diaper. This is super helpful so you can see at a glance if your little one needs to be changed.
With a family our size, savings is something we are always looking for. By reaching for Signature Care Diapers, we are able to bring home significant savings, compared to national brands, which directly helps our grocery budget.
Want to try these diapers yourself? I have something super awesome to share with you.
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If this mama of many can trust Signature Care Diapers, you can too!
Not sure? They offer a 100% money-back guarantee! You have nothing to lose! Your baby is dry, and mama is dry! It’s a win, win!
What is the most important factor for you when choosing the best diapers for your baby? 
This post is sponsored by Signature Care Diapers. All opinions and stories are my own.

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