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If you joined us for the Mommy Club this past week, you maybe saw all 240 AWESOME mom advice ideas shared by everyone!  We keep seeing more and more great recipes, plus some awesome homeschooling resources, and super fun craft ideas! The Mommy Club is a great place to share your mommy ideas with others, plus get some new ideas of your own. We’re so glad you keep coming back to share with us!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out all 240 ideas that were shared last week. Then of course we want you to share YOUR great ideas below! If you think it’s a great idea and it makes your life a little easier, chances are someone else will think so too!

share your best mom advice

Whether this is your first week joining us, or you stop by each week and share, we are so glad you do! We couldn’t have The Mommy Club without you!

So share your new printables, recipes, DIY ideas, cleaning tips or whatever you think other moms can use at The Mommy Club. And invite your friends to join us!

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1) Midget Momma shared 100+ Summer Activities for the Kids!

2) Crafty Journal shared a great list of Kids Crafts!

3) Jewlery Making Journal shared a fun idea to make Rustic Copper Washer Earrings.

4) A Dash of Sanity shared a delicious S’mores No Bake Cheesecake recipe.

5) A Time to Freeze shared a list of the Best Board Books for Baby!

There are other moms out on the web who also need to see these great recipes and tips. So be sure to share on Twitter and Pinterest!

The Mommy Club

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New starting last week there are now four blogs hosting this party. Shannon from Milk and Cuddles, Sherri from Luv a Bargin, Kelli from 3 Boys and a Dog and Crystal & Co. This means quadruple the exposure for every post you link up.

Make sure you hop over and check out  Shannon’s favorite three picks from last week over at Milk and Cuddles.

By submitting a link to this party, you are giving Crystal & Co., Milk and Cuddles, Luv a Bargin and/or 3 Boys and a Dog permission to feature your post on their blogs and/or social media platforms and utilize your post images in order to facilitate this feature.


  1. Thanks for hosting, Crystal! We’re doing at least one craft today since we’re home waiting for the delivery of our new dishwasher.

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