My first e-Book is live. You can now download How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms.

How to Meal Plan

As I talk to more and more moms I realize how difficult meal planning can be for some. From making the plan, to preparing a grocery list and then getting dinner on the table. I understand there are many opportunities for hiccups along the way. But, meal planning really is easy!

If the clock strikes six each evening and you have no idea what you’re serving your family for dinner, this book is for you!

meal planning
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This eBook is only $5.99 and full of resources and solutions!

In this book you will learn:

  • how to create a recipe criteria
  • sites to find recipes on
  • how to create a grocery list (with a list of online tools)
  • ideas for displaying your menu
  • pointers for implementing your plan
  • tips to follow when road blocks arrive
  • 14 easy recipes for two weeks of dinner ideas
  • a cohesive list of mommy resources for other potential problem areas in your life

Download the eBook now. I will help you get dinner on the table!

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