26 Elf on the Shelf Printables

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What’s almost as good as a list of 70 Elf on the Shelf ideas?

A list of 26 Elf on the Shelf printables.  That’s right!!  I have found everything from games to play with those little ones to a fun elf size photo booth!

These printables are fun and bright and sure to make those kiddos of your love that little elf even more.  I just love the fun our little elf brings out in me too.  I wish I had one of these little guys when I was younger.

elf on the shelf printables

Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Here is a video where I show you how I found these items in the Dollar Tree store and what they look like once we get them home. This should help you see how we use these ideas for Elf on the Shelf.

Check out the list below and let me know which one of these is your favorite free printable. 

Elf on the Shelf Printables:

  1. Elf Didn’t Move Printables Notes– you will forget to move him at some point. Print out this set of four cards and keep them handy. They are like freebie excuses!!
  2. Elf on the Shelf Counting Worksheet– I love this idea too!! Anything to get my kids counting is a plus.  Even your Elf can get them into school.
  3. Elf on the Shelf Planning Calendar – this is editable and a great way to map things out!
  4. Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter Printable – our favorite welcome letter!
  5. Printable Behavior Reports – naughty behavior needs a warning? Good behavior needs a praise? Use these!
  6. Lunch Box Notes– Again this a super cute idea for your kiddos lunch boxes!! Some have jokes or just funny sayings.
  7. Welcome Back Letter– not your first year? Use the welcome back letter!
  8. Elf Photo Booth Props– Print, glue them to a slim wooden rod (or screwer) and set up your Elf. Includes backgrounds, beard, mustache, kissing lips, top hat and more! So cute!
  9. Elf Poo Printable– Elf poo is funny and even makes for a great treat bag for those younger kiddos.
  10. Printable Adoption Certificate– it is editable too! A great arrival or welcome idea!
  11. Notes From Elf– If your kiddos are anything like mine, they know my hand writing.  So having these printables from your elf keeps those smart kiddos from figuring out who is really writing these notes.
  12. North Pole Breakfast–  Have Elf bring breakfast! This pack includes welcome sign, invitations, cupcake toppers and more!
  13. Elf Do a Dot Printables– This printable is designed for the younger kids.  Perfect for fine motor skill building and lots of fun!
  14. Elf Printable Package– This has more than 60 pages of free printables.  Anything from puzzles, coloring, matching and helping your little ones with sounds.  So fun!
  15. Elf Banner– This Elf banner is too cute.  Love the way she hangs it.  There are also cupcake printables and naughty or nice printables.
  16. Magic Elf Key– This is such a great idea.  You are giving your elf a magic key to your front door.  Plus there is a free printable.
  17. Elf Christmas Reading Flashcards– these are epic and a great way to make learning fun!
  18. Elf on the Shelf Activity Printables These cute tags are random fun notes.  There are also joke printables, as well as question note cards to get your kiddos thinking about Christmas time.
  19. Hersey Kiss Printables– Hersey Kisses are popular with Elf because its his way to give kisses to your kiddos.  These are such cute printables to add some extra craftiness.
  20. K-2nd Grade Printables– These activities are for kids in kinder through second.  You have word scrambles, puzzles, addition and subtraction, coin matching, and word searches.
  21. Santa Letter Santa letters are always a fun way for the big guy to communicate to your little one.
  22. Note Cards from Elf– These again are super cute and fun.  Different design and you can add your own text.
  23.  Elf Kissing Booth Printable This is by far my favorite I think.  Such a cute little elf giving out kisses.
  24.  Magic Elf Dust– Anything that my kids can do during the holidays is fun.  They will LOVE this Elf dust and the printable.
  25. Elf on the Shelf Household Printables– This is the coolest pack! You get an elf menu,task list and planner! You will feel so festive with this!
  26. Welcome Breakfast– These printables are Naughty and Nice printables and so very cute!! Snowflakes and all.
  27. Elf Letter– This is an elf-sized printable.  I just love the little elf shoes at the top of this printable.
  28. Elf Size Photo Booth Props– Let your elf have a photo booth party and these free printables will be a hit for sure!
  29. Elf Stationery Set– Give your kiddos a special message from the north pole.
  30. Elf Writing Paper– You can use this idea to help get your kiddos to enjoy writing.  Good for homeschooling as well.  Your elf can use these with is messy handwriting to practice as well.
  31. Recovery Kit– If you happen to touch your Elf on the Shelf (or your kiddos do) you can simple print out this recovery kit.  This is too cute!

More Elf on the Shelf and Christmas Printables

Looking for easy Elf on the Shelf ideas? You will love these done-for-you, print and go ideas!

And here is our Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter. Just plug in your elf’s name and your child’s name. They will be so surprised!

The Perfect Christmas Planner

If you are a busy mom who wants to make memories this Christmas season, this planner is perfect for you!

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    1. Shannon- that is sooo sweet! What an exciting idea to have one deploy with your husband.

  1. Liz@HoosierHomemade says:

    Such a fun round-up! Thanks for including us!

  2. There are so many things that are available for the Elf these days. It is really becoming so much fun to move her around every night and watch the kids’ excitement every morning!

  3. We don’t have the Elf on the Shelf but we do have a mischief minion that we do this with. Cute printable! You are very creative.

  4. Oh these are just too fun. This is a great way to get the most out of your Elf. I like the activity printables.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am totally going to use a couple of these. I am always looking for new ideas.

  6. I just sent this link to my daughter for her daughter. She loves her Elf on the Shelf and I know these printables would be a hit.

  7. We love our Elf on the Shelf. There are so many ideas here to do with him (or her). I will definitely be using a lot of these this year.

  8. These are probably great for people who like and use Elf on a Shelf.

  9. These are cute printables. We don’t do Elf on the shelf, but I will share this with my friends who do this.

  10. These are all great ideas for the Elf. This is such a fun time of year with lots of interesting things to do. Love all of these!

  11. What a list! I didn’t know there are such a lot of fun ideas with having an elf on the shelf. I was going to get one, but my so finds it scary. 🙁

  12. Elf on the Shelf is so fun. These are great printables. I will have to share this with the other Moms i know with an Elf.

  13. Wow this is such a great roundup. Elf on the Shelf is so popular and this is such a great resource to have. Thank you!

  14. This looks amazing, and it would make such a cute present! Writing it down!

  15. This really takes elf on the shelf to a whole new level! What a fun post – Thanks for sharing this on Throwback Thursday, I’m pinning it to our pinterst board!

  16. Thank you so much! I started Elf on the shelf this year and there’s so much I need to learn about. This post is a lifesaver. Bookmarked it. 😀

  17. This Elf on a Shelf thing has really become popular. A year ago I had never even heard of such a thing.

  18. I just don’t know about these elf on a shelf things. I tried it last year and I wasn’t very good at it.

  19. We don’t do elf on the shelf but these are cute. A friend of mine do this whit her daughter and she siad it’s fun!

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