Elf on the Shelf Adoption Certificate

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Are you looking for some awesome Elf on the Shelf ideas? This is a fin Christmas traditions in many homes. 

We have been doing this fun activities with our kids for almost a decade. My kids look forward to this time of year! 

This year why don’t you have him arrive and with Elf on the Shelf Adoption Certificate

The kids will love this! 


You can print the editable certificate here

Super easy, just print it out and you’re ready to go! Such an easy elf idea! 

As long as you have Adobe, which most computers do, this printable is editable. You can edit who the certificate is made out to, the name of your elf that is being adopted, the data and sign it digitally by Santa, or whomever you want to certify the adoption. 

How cute is that? And your kids will love it when they see their name 

Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Here is a video where I show you how I found these items in the Dollar Tree store and what they look like once we get them home. This should help you see how we use these ideas for Elf on the Shelf.

What is Elf on the Shelf

Essentially, it is a tradition for many households during the holiday season. You purchase your elf on the self and it comes with a storybook. You read the story to your kids and it outlines how Elf on the Shelf works. 

The gist of it is the elf watches your child’s behavior all day and then at night flies back to the North Pole to report naughty or nice behavior to Santa. 

Each new day your Elf comes back and is in a new spot for you to find him in. 

Elf is not to be touched by children at all ((wink, wink)). 

Having your Elf bring an adoption certificate on his first trip back from the North Pole would be an exciting activity for your kids to be a part of. 

Personally, my kids love it when Elf brings something back with him from Santa’s workshop to share with the kids. But also, it is the fun shenanigans that he gets involved in that makes this a fun game. Sometimes is plays around in the toilet paper, or gets into the kids toys, or plays in the Christmas tree. 

I did a video last year where I answered many of the common questions in this Elf on the Shelf FAQ. It’s the perfect thing to watch when you’re just getting started. 

What is a Good Age to Start Elf on the Shelf

I have been doing this fun elf activity for many years. Some of my kids are now grown with kids of their own. At home I still have teens all the way down to three years old. 

From all of my years and experience in doing this, I think 3 years old is the perfect age to start. At this age they understand that Elf is going to come back each day and they enjoy the adventure of trying to find him in a new location each morning when they wake up. 

Even having older kids who know that mom is moving Elf, they still look forward to the fun and watching their little brothers hunt for the new hiding place. They also help me remember to move him or move him really fas if I forget. 

Does Elf on the Shelf Bring Goodies

Mine does! Not every single night, but often. One simple way to have him bring gifts is to utilize some of the free printables for Elf on the Shelf online. We have a collection here too! 

We also have some fancier printables for Elf that cost a small fee. 


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