5 {Delicious} Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

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The Slow Cooker and recipes like Easy Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder Roast have got to be the best thing every invented.  I love being able to stick a few ingredients into a pot first in the morning and coming home to a meal that’s ready to be put on the table.  There is never a day that I use my Slow Cooker that I’m not over the moon at 4pm because I don’t have to spend an hour in the kitchen making supper.

I love finding new slow cooker recipes to try and add into my Menu plan if my family enjoys them.  Today I have 5 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for you to add to your list to try!  One of our favorite recipes this fall is the Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder Roast with a Garlic and Apple twist.  It has a yummy flavor and you can use up some of those apples you have every fall.

Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder

5 Delicious and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

1. Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder Roast with Garlic and Apples

This is the perfect flavorful fall recipe that gives you a moist and delicious pork roast.  I made garlic mashed potatoes to go along with our roast and had the perfect meal!

2. Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

If you love baked potatoes or mashed potatoes, this soup is for you!  It’s a creamy combination of potato, cheese, garlic and more.  It’s the perfect weeknight meal to have ready in the slow cooker when you get home from work!

3. Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup

This recipe didn’t sound like something we would like at first, I envisioned a cheeseburger going through a food processor.  But, it is one of our favorite recipes!  It’s a creamy and delicious soup that goes perfect with my Honey White Bread.

4. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

We love this recipe, it’s one of regular meals on our menu rotation.  It’s so easy to make it exactly the way your family likes it.

5. Crock Pot Hotdogs

Have you ever cooked hotdogs in the crockpot? It is perfect for occasions when you’re serving a crowd, like a birthday party, etc. It is also perfect for a busy night during the week (or weekend).

You can find more inspiration on our Pinterest Easy Recipes Board!


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  1. Katherine G says:

    All these recipes sound so delicious!! I have to get my hands on a slow cooker. I’ve wanted one for years but haven’t gotten one yet.

    1. Yes! Add it to your Christmas list. Slow cookers are a lifesaver!

  2. I’m all about crock pot cooking! Then I have more time for crafting! I also seem to make a lot of soups. Must be the long simmer thing, lol! & more time for crafting!

  3. Thanks for these – I love my crockpot even more now that I am working full-time!

  4. Hi Crystal,
    A great collection of Slow Cooker Meals! Thanks so much for sharing your great recipes with Full Plate Thursday and enjoy your Thanksgiving week!
    Come Back Soon
    Miz Helen

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