8 TexMex Rotel Recipes

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As busy Moms, we need ways to make canned foods transform into quick and easy recipes!  I, for one, am a big fan of all the different veggies in one spicy can of Rotel!  I am close enough to Texas and sitting on the Coast, so we love a little spice in our foods and Rotel does exactly that, adds veggies and spice in an easy and convenient way!

These 8 TexMex Rotel Recipes are just a smattering of ways you can dress up a simple can with a few other ingredients to create yummy recipes that your family will LOVE!

Rotel Recipes add some spice to your meal

  1. The Rotel Dip with Hamburger Meat is by far one of my family’s favorite Rotel recipes!  Plus, this busy mom of 3 really likes the super quick easiness of melting the cheese in the microwave while browning some meat and in some Rotel and ta da.
  2. Turn a pan of soup into an Impossible Taco Pie that is chock full of beef and spicy flavor!  What makes it impossible?  The fact that it becomes pie!  This recipe ends up making its very own crust in the privacy of the oven.  My kids think it is so neat!
  3. Beans, Rice, a bit of meat and a can of Rotel – it really doesn’t get any cheaper than this filling Beans & Rice Budget Friendly Meal
  4. Take the Impossible Pie and change a few things to create an Impossibly Skinny Taco Pie that weighs in at approximately 160 calories per serving!  According to my middle boy, this pie is “impossibly still yummy even though Minnie took out all the calories”!
  5. Lots of Crystal’s easy recipes have authentic Puerto Rican flavor like this Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla.
  6. I have no idea why this is called Indiana Chowder, but oh man does it sounds yummy and Crystal learned it from her “my friend Kim”!  If you have tuned in to our weekly learn to blog hangouts, you know exactly  what I am talking about here. LOL!
  7. Company coming over for the big game? Did you forget or just get too busy?  This 3 Ingredient Rotel Dip takes less time to put together that it will take you to mad-dash the house!
  8. Although the Four Bean Goulash has a long list of ingredients, they are ingredients that most of us always seem to have in the pantry.  So, don’t let the ingredient list intimidate you, I promise this is definitely an easy recipe!


Spicy Rotel Recipes


diced tomatoes with green chilies

If you really love the kick that Rotel diced tomatoes gives to a dish, I think you would love these Spicy Rotel recipes as well. There are 15 of them and many of them are family favorites at our house.

This post is not sponsored in anyway by anyone, I honestly just love using cans of “stuff” in unique ways and we love some zesty Rotel!  Do you have a favorite way of changing up a can?


  1. I just found Rotel on sale at Albertson’s for $1 each, so this post will be very helpful! Thanks for sharing on Kitchen Fun Crafty Friday!

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