Activites for Kids: How to Make a Chore Chart

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Kelley from The Grant Life is back sharing some awesome activities for kids! Starting this week, Kelley will be here every Thursday sharing a new idea with us!

Two things we have been focusing on with our kids is to be polite and more responsible.   To help, I created a fun chore chart that will encourage good behavior with a reward.   The chart is a perfect activity for kids since they are able to add a sticker or check mark when a chore is completed.   Plus its easy to make and I’ve included a free Chore Chart printable.

Activities for Kids - Chore Chart With Printable Cover

To make the chore chart you need:

  • a plastic picture frame
  • stickers
  • window or dry erase markers
  • free printable <<—– click to print 

I found the plastic frame at Walmart for less then $3 and I had the window markers on hand.   I had originally planned to use a crayon but the color didn’t show up well.

Activities for Kids - Chore Chart

You will need to trim the chart once you print it out so that it fits in the frame.   The Crayola window marker worked great on the plastic and comes off easily.   They are also fun to doodle on real windows too.   Its a fun indoor activity for kids without the mess.   A dry erase marker works fine too.   Or you can write directly on the printable.

Activities for Kids - Chore Chart With Printable

I had some cute cowboy stickers on hand so we used them for our chart.   I let the kids put the stickers or check mark on when they complete a chore.

Activities for Kids - Chore Chart Using Window Markers

The kids are still getting use to the idea of having chores but they completely understand the reward system.   Ready to make your own chart?  Print it here.

Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.


  1. I love the idea of putting them in the plastic frame! Great chore chart!

    1. Tulip- I love the frame idea too. It transforms it instantly into a dry erase chart.

  2. What a simple solution! I heart organization 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to Monday Funday!

    1. Jamie- simple and practical. Two musts for me.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I found you at Creative Juice and have been considering a chore chart for my kids!

    1. Kristin- glad you found us and I hope this chore chart is the perfect solution!

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