10 Winter Activities for Kids

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We love to spend time together as a family and we especially enjoy being together outside.   Once the temperature starts to drop its harder to get outside during the winter months.   Have you found yourself inside more as well?

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite activities for kids to do during the wintertime.

10 winter activities for kids


Inner Child Fun

Outdoor Color Match Game – Use paint chip cards to explore colors outside.   Punch holes through each color and try and find something that matches.

Go ice skating – Take the kids to a frozen pond or to the ice rink for some family fun. Go bird watching – Grab some binoculars and head outside to find as many different birds as you can.

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Play in the snow – Build a snowman, build a fort or make a family of snow angels.   To make it a colorful snow day, put water and food coloring into squeeze bottles and create a rainbow.

Explore a new park – Find a new park or playground to explore for the day.   Pretend you are on an adventure to a far away planet.

Try GeocachingUse your phone to find ‘caches’ in your area.


Freeze bubbles – If the temperature if below 32 degrees you can blow bubbles and watch them freeze on the wand.

Build a fort – Find a tree to build a fort under.   Grab some books and enjoy reading in your homemade tent.

Create an obstacle course – Find items around the house to create your own obstacle course.   Cheer each other on as you hop, skip and jump away.

Have a picnic – If it’s not too cold grab some snacks and have a picnic under on the grass or under a tree.

This list is also an awesome resource for homeschool families who are looking for ways to get outside and burn some energy when you’re taking your mid-day break.

Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at thegrantlife.com and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.


  1. Ann Zander says:

    I put out a monthly free newsletter to families geared to decreasing childhood obesity, increasing fruit and veggie consumption, increase family activities, and a healthy recipe/meal idea.
    I came across the the 10 Winter Activities with the girl blowing bubble outside in the winter
    Is it possible for us to use it in the newsletter that we put out…it is an educational resource
    Anne Zander
    CSU Extension Boulder County

  2. It is definitely harder to be active outdoors in the winter. Thank you for these great suggestions, I especially like the idea of a colorful snow day!

  3. Our winters here are so cold and long in Upstate NY. It is good to have a variety of activities to do to keep busy!

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