Activities for Kids Learning Letters: Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

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Summer is quickly going to be coming to an end and that means that we will be starting a new school year.  I try to think of activities and games for my kids during the last weeks of summer that will start to get them prepared for back to school.  My boys loved our nature scavenger hunt for kids that I put together for them last summer, so I thought an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt would be a fun game and learning activity at the same time. 

This scavenger hunt can be played by young and old kids.  Younger kids will start to learn letter and sound recognition by finding things around the house that start with every letter of the alphabet.  The older kids that play will not only have some reminders and practice with sounds but they can also practice their handwriting.  All of these skills are beneficial to have a jump start on when you are headed back to school. 

alphabet scavenger hunt

How to Have an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt


alphabet scavenger hunt


Step 1 – Print out your Alphabet Scavenger Hunt and attach it to your clip board

Step 2 – Have your Kids go on a hunt around the house looking for items that begin with each letter

Step 3 – When they find an item, have them write it down on the list or help them write it down if they are younger


That is all there is to it!  This is such a simple activity that you can use in many different ways.  You could incorporate this into a birthday party as one of the games or use it during a school classroom party during one of the holidays.  I love games that are both educational and fun for my kids any time of the year. 

My kids love any type of scavenger or treasure hunt and if your kids do too be sure to check out our Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids or our Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.  Both of these are great outdoor activities to use during the summer months. 

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