Activities for Kids: Shamrock Sun Catchers

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I have had so much fun sharing our St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids the past few weeks, but these shamrock sun catchers may be my favorite.

They are easy to make and perfect for all age groups.

Plus they make great St. Patrick’s Day decor!
Activities for Kids: Shamrock Lucky You Suncatchers

To make your own shamrock sun catcher you will need:

  • Wax paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Green construction paper
  • Confetti
  • Scissors

Activities for Kids: Shamrock Supplies

Cut out a shamrock in your green paper.   Or a shamrock-esque shape and a little imagination.

Next, tear a piece of wax paper and fold it in half.

Cover one half with glue and spread it around until you have a thin layer.

Activites for Kids  Step two

Sprinkle your confetti (or sparkles as my daughter calls them) over the glue.

Tap it on the a table to remove the excess confetti and let dry.

Once dry glue the folded sides together.

Activities for Kids

Tape the wax paper to the back of your shamrock cutout and hang it in a window.

I added a ‘Lucky you’ and ‘Lucky me’ to my shamrocks to jazz them up a little.

Activities for Kids - Shamrock Sun Catchers

Stand back and enjoy your festive shamrock sun catchers.


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  1. Simple and fun St. Patty’s Day craft! I love the way the confetti looks in the light. Thanks for sharing.

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