Blueberries for Sal Printables for Preschoolers

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Since we started homeschooling ten years ago, we’ve used Sonlight. In turn, my children have been exposed to some amazing literature. Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey has become a family favorite

If you are looking for book companion worksheets to go with your reading, these Blueberries for Sal Printables for Preschoolers are something I highly recommend.

Here is a look at our Sonlight homeschool review from a few years ago.

Here is what is included in this mini pack:

  • 6 pages
  • all color but you can print in black and white
  • cutting out blueberries and counting them and gluing them to the corresponding blueberry bush
  • counting and pasting blueberries in tens frames
  • line tracing


What is Blueberries for Sal About

Ut us a Caldecott Honor Book and the publication is in 1948. It is a classic story that has won readers hearts for decades!

It is a story about a little boy, Sal, and his mother. They go to the side of blueberry hill to pick berries to bring them home to can.

Sal is busy picking berries and putting them in his bucket and sits to eat a few. Eventually Sal wanders off and is left behind thanks to his big appetite for berries.

Meanwhile there is a Little Bear and his mother eating and hunting for blueberries on the other side of the hill. Little Bear get separated from his mama.

Read this sweet story to find out how it ends as both littles pick and eat blueberries with their mothers. It is such a charming story.

Blueberries for Sal Story

Questions You Can Ask Your Child After Reading Blueberries for Sal:

  • When Sal’s mother realized a bear was following her instead of Sal, what do you think she felt?
  • How would you feel if you realized you were following a bear around instead of your mom or dad?

Activities to Do With Your Little One After You Read Blueberries for Sal

  • Go blueberry picking
  • Make blueberry bread with real blueberries
  • Use blue pom poms or beads to count and sort blueberries
  • Find a bucket and fill it with real blueberries, one at a time. Each time you drop one make the kuplink kuplank kuplunk sound like they make in the book.

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