Changing Your Relationship with Your Middle Schooler

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Raising a middle school child is a fun, exciting, never-ending  roller coaster of emotions and activity. Just when things seem quiet another challenge presents itself. Puberty and all of the corresponding hormones which go with it can create challenges along the way but these are only one piece of a more complex puzzle which makes up a young child’s life during this stage of life.

Middle schoolers are facing a time when initial definitions of self are evolving into something altogether different. There is a sense of “newness” to their world as they seek an identity which will bring them peace as well as acceptance from their peers. And here is where I believe parents have a fantastic opportunity to interject powerful change in the life of their children while deepening the relationship…the power of “newness.”

ways to connect with your middle schooler

If you are looking for an opportunity to be an integral part of your child’s life during these transitional years it may require a demonstration that you have something new to add to what you have already given them during childhood. This may take a little creativity on your part but the rewards for such efforts could be priceless!

Up to this point you may have taken your child to the zoo, Six Flags and a host of other “kid appropriate” destinations. Now is the time to increasingly introduce them to a new world…the adult world.

changing your relationship with your middle schooler

How to Connect with Your Middle Schooler

Pay attention to the interests of your middle schooler and tailor some new pursuits which might expand and deepen these new found passions:

  1. For the Budding Astronomer/Astronaut — If your child has an interest in space then take your child to meet a physicist at a local college. Most professors are more than willing to take a little time to encourage young minds to pursue their own field of study. Take your young astronomer on a trip to NASA. The space agency is a wonderful place for both “wow moments” and educational opportunity.

  2. For the Budding NBA Star — If your young boy wants to be the next Lebron James then take him to watch a practice at a nearby college or take in a pro game. Talk basketball, learn the players, study the stats and immerse yourself in his world and become a part of it.

  3. For the Budding Politician — If your daughter wants to be the next governor then plan a field trip to watch the next legislative session in your state. Call and make an appointment to meet with your state representative. Encourage her to go to the appointment with a list of questions important to her generation. Seek out opportunities for the two of you to get involved in local political campaigns and encourage her to both meet candidates and discuss issues with them.

  4. For the Budding Teacher — If your son or daughter has interest in the teaching profession make an appointment to talk with their teacher. Ask the teacher to allow opportunities for your child to volunteer and help in any way possible for class preparation. Meet with the principle and allow him to see the inner workings of how a school is run.

  5. For the Budding Musician — If your child wants to be a musician then find someone to give him lessons in the instrument of his choice. Find a voice teacher if singing is his thing. Encourage him to sing on praise team at church and play in the worship band as soon as his skills are to a place where he might contribute. Call the local symphony orchestra and schedule a time to meet with a musician who plays the instrument he plays. Perhaps you might even find the conductor willing to spend some time with your child as well. Learning as much as possible about the music industry and what is required to be successful will encourage your child in those long hours of practice which is always required.

Opportunity after opportunity exists for you to take the relationship with your child to the “next level.” It only takes a creative mind and a little planning to connect your youngster with a whole NEW world in which they might build passion for future pursuits and discover new opportunities for relationship with mom and dad.

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tips for parenting middle school kids

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