Have you thought about higher education for your kids?

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Our kids are getting older. It seems as  though time is truly passing us by even faster than I realized.

Are you talking with your kids about their hopes and dreams? I remember being asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up. All the while the thought of growing up completely terrified me. I remember crying in the bathroom to my grandmother about growing up. I mean who wants to actually grow up? Why can’t we all just be kids forever? As a mom of many I can say that I wish this was possible. I think I oftentimes get lost in thought and contemplate the thought of allowing my kids to stay with me forever. Of course that is a completely insane thought that leaves my head as soon as they do something that absolutely irritates me but hey we all have dreams right?!  The thought of my teenager standing at the threshold of the outside world just waiting to run scares me to death.

Have you thought about higher education for your kids? College is not always for everyone. The options for higher education are certainly something to consider when you are thinking and brainstorming with your kids on what they want to do. Encourage your kiddos do find something that interests them and something they enjoy. Plus I want to be confident on the what, where, and how when it comes to higher education for my kids.

Did you know that community colleges, like Dallas Community Colleges, offer a huge variety of programs that are geared at education that will get you hired. Along with that they are a fraction of the cost compared to a big university. As a mom this is a huge perk! A complete cost effective approach to higher education.  Dallas Community Colleges can make dreams come true, too, with education for in-demand jobs and training to move you up in a career or get you into your dream career.

We took a trip out to Dallas Community Colleges and love what they have to offer. With over 100 programs there are so many options that focus on getting you hired while also providing a great foundation to do so. Dallas Community Colleges offers a wide range of higher education programs that apply to popular fields and high salary positions. On our trip we took a tour of their programs that apply to Interactive Simulation and Game Technology. I was totally amazed! This program was perfect and totally peaked the interest of my teenager. The program itself offers an approach that coordinates things like digital animation and fine arts, traditional art skills, and interpersonal skill building for working and collaborating in groups. I was definitely impressed and so was my son. Such a wide range of skills to gain and apply to a number of jobs that are in demand today!

To be honest I had never visited a community college before and was really impressed by all that I saw. The Richland Campus is one of 7 community colleges in and around Dallas. It is one of the larger campus with nearly 20,000 students who attend each year. The campus itself was absolutely beautiful. There were a number of places to study and even just relax from tests around the campus.

Richland College also offers a STEM program. The STEM program is one of their larger programs there that had so many interesting applications. Many of the programs offered within the college are applicable to a number of high demand jobs all over the country as well as the Dallas area. This interactive screen allows you to explore all that the Science program has to offer at the tip of a finger! There were programs that cover robotics and new developments in manufacturing that take things to a whole new level.

Here are some other really great things about Richland College:

  • Diversity with students from 139 countries and 79 languages spoken
  • Great resources for students to save with books and tuition
  • Scholarship programs for dual credit for current high school students
  • Tutoring resources without cost
  • Free transportation through DART

These were definitely perks that stood out to me. After all sending my kids to college needs to be affordable. An education at a Dallas Community Colleges without question holds immense value and is completely affordable for bigger families like mine!

How are you planning your kid’s future? Share your story!




  1. I went to a community college when I got out of High School and loved it. It was small and I enjoyed not going to a large school. Great choice for any one.

  2. Great post. So many things I had not considered before. I want my son to have the best education that we can afford, maybe he will need a scholarship. I want him to start doing STEM programs. Computer science, coding and social skills for now and later more pre-high school programs that help him prepare.

  3. We have set up a few savings accounts for our kids and we hope they will help them get a head start on their education. I think community college is a great option for kids now. Not everyone needs to go away to a university.

  4. We live outside Dallas so I am going to have to bookmark you post for my daughter. She will be a senior next year and wants to go to community college for her basics, but I had no idea for all they had to offer. Thank you.

  5. WOW, this is a great post! My daughter just graduated from high school and we just had a big talk just this past weekend about her education. She has been accepted into a few Universities, but she has now decided to stay close to home and attend a community college. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and as I explained to her, I want her to have the Best education around no matter if she attends a university or community college.

  6. It’s wonderful that they’re restructuring community colleges to make graduates employable. This is good not only for young kids graduating but also for people out of work who needs retraining. I love that this school is so diverse as someone who came to the US as an international student.

  7. College is so important! I attend a uni currently and just love it! Picking one that fits your interests and goals definitely makes the experience a lot more pleasant! This looks like a great school!

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