DIY Halloween Costumes: Kids Chicken Costume #31DIYcostumes

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It’s Day 2 of finding the best Halloween Costumes out there.  Today we are talking a little about a totally cute and adorable Chicken Costume.  This costume requires no sewing what so ever and uses easy things that almost everyone will have around their house….. or your neighbors!!  Those precious little ones will look so cute walking around out there asking for candy on Halloween.

The best part about DIY Halloween Costumes is you are using the materials you have in your home and are not going out spending a small fortune (or big fortune) on supplies to make your kiddos look precious or maybe even scary on Halloween.

So for this Chicken costume you will need yellow tights or leotards, some white feather boas, yellow rubber gloves, hot glue and a white pilot’s cap are the essentials for making this chicken.

Why did the Chicken cross the road?  To get some candy of course.

Head over to Martha Stewart for this fun Chicken Costume idea and see exactly how she puts it together.

DIY Halloween Costumes

diy halloween costumes kids chicken costume

Go here to get the step by step Chicken Costume and get ready for trick or treating!

Also, make sure you Pin this and tomorrows Halloween Costume idea to your Pinterest board so you have the easy instructions at your fingertips!


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