DIY Halloween Costumes: Kids Fairy Princess #31DIYCOSTUMES

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Day 3 is here and this precious costume is for all of those little girls out there that LOVE to dress up as a princess.

This fairy princess costume needs a little more materials then the super cute chicken costume, but don’t worry you won’t regret how awesome this fairy princess costume will turn out.  This also requires you to know a little about sewing (or your grandma)!!

My daughter Gracie loves DIY Halloween Costumes like this because its so pink, girly and because of the props like the wand and cute hat with ribbon coming from the top.

You can add a long sleeved shirt like shown in the picture if you live around the cold, but if you live in Texas like we do then you may want to stick to a short sleeved shirt.

Either way this costume will be well worth the crafting!!  Head over to Spoonful and check out the full tutorial.  There are step by step instruction and yes it even helps you out a little with the sewing steps.

DIY Halloween Costumes kids fairy costume

You can go here to check out the tutorial on the fairy princess costume.

For all of you mommies that have little girls, make sure you Pin this idea to your Pinterest board so you have these instructions at your fingertips.

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