DIY Halloween Costumes: Kids Star Wars Lego Costume #31DIYcostumes

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I am so excited to share this kids costume idea, I can hardly wait.  When I was doing some research looking for the perfect kids costumes and found this one, I knew it was on my top list of favorites.  Day 4’s costume is Lego Star Wars Costumes.

The creator mentions in her tutorial that these Lego Star Wars men took her only four hours to make.  WOW!!  Really all you need for Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker is some foam wreaths, a couple different size cardboard boxes, poster boards, black mesh, paint, tape, and foam cylinders.

Like other DIY Halloween Costumes, this one is one of a kind and you will not have to worry about having the same Halloween Costume as someone else.  Your kiddos costume will be one of a kind.  Love these!!

Over at Everyday Mom Ideas she gives the step by step tutorial on both of these super cute lego heads and the talks about how you can make these under $20 bucks.  You seriously cannot beat that!!

DIY Halloweeen Costume Lego Man

 Go here to get this tutorial for the Lego Star Wars Halloween Costume.  You kiddos will really love this idea!

Please, please, please do NOT forget to head over to Pinterest and pin this Halloween Costume as well.

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