How to Make a Lego Costume From Cardboard #31DIYCostumes

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Today is day 30 and I have found a super cute Lego costume for you all to check out.  I love this idea because what kid does not just LOVE legos?  I used to play with these as a kid and find myself still enjoying putting them together with my kiddos.

This tutorial I found over at Country Living and it is so simple.  All you need for this costume idea is a large cardboard box, eight round craft boxes and whichever color spray paint you choose.  DIY Halloween costumes are so much fun because you can make them yourself choosing inexpensive materials.  All of these things can be found around your home, or from someones leftovers.

This Halloween costume will seriously cost you nothing hardly, if anything.  If several kiddos dressed up as Lego’s you could have several different colors as well.  There are even pink Lego’s these days.

DIY Halloween Costumes Lego Costume

See what I mean about this little Lego costume?  Too cute, right?!?!

Head on over here to see the full tutorial of this Lego Costume.  Its very simple!!

Also, do not forget to pin this to your Pinterest board for easy keeping.  You could really use this costume for many other things in the future.

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