How to Make a Macaroon Costume #31DIYcostumes

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Can you believe its already day 20 with sharing all of the awesome Halloween costume ideas?  There has been some awesome costumes shared and I hope you will stick around for the next 11 days of costume ideas as well.  Today I found this Macaroon costume for the girls that are a little older and do not want to dress up as princesses anymore.

I thought this idea was super cute and it is a sew costume.  But do not worry the directions are simple and not all DIY Halloween Costumes need a million materials.  This little Macaroon is easy, cute and makes me want some cookies from the store.

I found this idea over at DIY Studio and really the materials for a sew costume are pretty basic.  She gives us step-by-step instructions.  There is also an easy shopping bag costume idea on there.  You have to see the two together- they just go hand in hand.

DIY Halloween costumes: macaroon child costume #31DIYhalloweencostumes

Now I told you this little Macaron is to cute.  I love the pink ruffles and the hat adds that finishing touch.  What do you all think?  Head over here to see the full tutorial of this French Macaron Costume and do not forget to pin it on Pinterest for easy keeping.

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