How to Make a Rag Doll Costume #31DIYCostumes

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Its finally day 31 at Crystal and Comp and we are going to be wrapping up our DIY Halloween Costumes!!  I think I have saved the best for last!!  Today I am showing you all a tutorial on how to make a Rag Doll Halloween costume.

This costume idea is a mother/daughter Halloween costume, but you could always just make one or the other.  I LOVE the red yarn hair.  The outfits they have on really add to the costume as well.

The hair is pretty simple,  really.  You need a lot of red yarn, or whichever color you might choose, felt strips, scissors, embroidery floss (or thread) and 2 hair combs for each wig you are making.

I found this tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.  The idea could also be used for so many other costumes and it really is one of a kind.

DIY Halloween Costumes (Rag Doll) #31DIYCostumes

Totally cute huh?  I love it.  I am sure my sister-in-law  Crystal would love to dress up as this for Halloween this year. Right Crystal?

Head over here to see this tutorial on how to make a Rag Doll Halloween Costume.  As always do not forget to Pin this idea to your Pinterest board.

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