How to Make a Rainbow Bright Costume #31DIYcostumes

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Oh man!! Have I found a cute costume for you all on day 18!  I never really knew what Rainbow Bright was until I found this super cute costume tutorial.  I just love this idea and all over the colors are so cute for those little girls.

This tutorial does also require some sewing but what super cute costume like this one does not require some type of sewing, right?

All DIY Halloween Costumes consist of several materials.  Some are easy materials you can find in your garage and others can be lengthy.  This Halloween costume is somewhere in the middle.  All of the supplies are fairly easy and simple.

I found this colorful Rainbow Bright costume over at Pink Suede Shoes and you should head over there to find the full tutorial as well as photographs on how to make this costume.  Her directions are pretty simple, and this costume will for sure stand out on Halloween night as the cutest costume EVER!!

DIY Halloween Costumes: How to Make a Rainbow Bright Costume #31DIYCostumes

You can head over here to find the full tutorial of this Rainbow Bright costume.  Also, do not forget to head over to Pinterest and pin this under your Halloween board for easy keeping.  If Crystal had a little girl, I could totally see her dressing up as this for Halloween.  (hehe)

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