Elf on the Shelf Toilet Paper Idea

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Last week our boys had to hunt high and low until they finally found Elf on the Shelf in a place they never expected…. in Mommy’s bathroom.

He was hiding in the toilet paper.

And he had a note that said Boo!

No one wanted to use the restroom in there for the rest of the day. This Elf on the Shelf toilet paper idea is epic!

(Note to self, this is a great way to keep the kids out of my bathroom. And, next time you take a picture in your bathroom at least ensure the mirror has been cleaned….)

 I used this sheet of Elf on the Shelf printable notecards to leave the note with the toilet paper rolls.

This is a super fun idea if you’re doing this elf Christmas tradition this year.

Did you see the time last year when Elf on the Shelf covered our tree in toilet paper? Pretty funny!!

What has your silly Elf done lately?

Does Elf Fly to the North Pole?

Yes, each night while your kids are sleeping your elf leaves and flies back to the North Pole to report your kiddos behavior to Santa Claus.

Don’t like that idea? No worries. If you don’t like the “magic” of this holiday tradition, make your own story up. Elf does not have to fly, he does not have to move, he does not have to report good or bad behavior. It’s your home… you make the rules.

elf on the shelf ideas boo!

Can Elf on the Shelf Be an Advent Activity

Absolutely! Brainstorm the fun ways that you can incorporate your elf with your Advent calendar!

Don’t Forget to Move Your Elf!

If you worry you will forget to move him each night after the kids go to sleep ((wink wink)) make sure you print out our excuse cards that give four different reasons why your elf did not move last night.

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