Elf Didn’t Move Printable Notes

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After a few days (or maybe even a week or so of doing Elf on the Shelf Ideas) at some point you will forget to change places. Trust me, it will happen.

Some nights you just might want a break from moving your elf… I totally get it.

These Elf Didn’t Move Printable Notes are a lifesaver!

The pack comes with four different cards… you know, just incase you need extras.

Really, you could look at this as four free passes for this holiday tradition.

Each card has an excellent excuse for not moving.

Grab Our Elf Didn’t Move Printable Cards

20+ Reasons Why Your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move Last Night

  1. we had a tummy ache- use one of our cards
  2. he was busy wrapping presents- use one of our cards
  3. he was loading toys in the cart and got stuck- card
  4. he was exhausted and fell asleep (hello!!! that is so valid!)
  5. it was too warm and comfy in the house… so he did not fly back
  6. he heard someone moving… did not want to be caught
  7. someone touched the elf yesterday
  8. the weather was too bad for him to fly
  9. ate too much candy
  10. he coming down with something…. maybe the elf flu?
  11. he took the day off
  12. he is saving up his energy
  13. Elf did not want to have to report bad behavior
  14. there was movement… just a tiny bit. can’t you tell?
  15. he got tired of waiting on you to go to sleep- use one of our cards
  16. he stayed up partying
  17. he had a headache
  18. decided to wait and make the flight in the morning once you go to school
  19. he really loves this spot… it’s his favorite spot! why ruin a good thing?
  20. lost track of time
  21. he heard you talking smack… you don’t think he is real?
  22. he noticed how ugly you were being to your siblings yesterday… how can he reward that behavior?

So just remember, if Elf does not move it is not the end of the world. It happens…. to the best of us parents! Grab these printable notes here.

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Does the Elf Really Move

At some point your kiddos are going to ask…. “Mama, does the Elf really move?”.

At my house here is my answer to that…. “If you don’t believe he is moving then we don’t have to do Elf on the Shelf anymore.”. ((wink wink))

Look, my older kids clearly know the elf is not moving. It’s a fun Christmas tradition that we love to do during the holiday season. We enjoy doing this because we have done it for years. They all look forward to it.

How you answer this question for your kids is totally up to you.

If you’re a grown up wondering if the Elf on the Shelf really moves….. I am concerned.

Does Elf on the Shelf Move Every Night?

If you’re following the “rules”, or the idea of the story, laid out in the book… then yes, your kiddos should wake up to find him in a new spot each day.

The premise of the story is he flies back to the North Pole at night to report your behavior to Santa. Then each day you find him in a new place.

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