Elf on the Shelf Marshmallow Catapult

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Is your little Scout Elf ready for some fun this holiday season?

This Elf on the Shelf idea is a great way to include some learning with kinetic energy!

Let’s make a marshmallow catapult using a plastic spoon and craft sticks. Your elf can bring all of the materials with him as he comes back from one of his North Pole trips reporting to Santa about good and bad behavior. 

We even have free printable instructions you can leave with Elf so your kiddo knows how to put the marshmallow launcher together! 

Ready for the details? 

DIY Catapult Supplies: 

Instructions for Making a Marshmallow Launcher:

The printable outlines everything the student needs to do step by step on how to create the snowball fight launcher. 

Essentially they will stack the green sticks together and wrap them with a rubber band around each end. 

Then stack the red craft sticks and wrap and rubber band on each end. 

Pull the red sticks apart and slide them over the top of the green sticks like in the photographs above. 

Wrap a rubber band around the center of the stack to hold the red sticks in place. 



Place the spoon on the top red stick and secure it with another rubber band.

Launch the snowballs by placing them in the spoon. 


It will be a great snowball fight as they launch marshmallows. 

The instructions are easy to follow for kids who can read instructions. 

If your child is younger you can assemble for him or with him. 

What a great Christmas tradition to make with your kiddos. 


How fun is that? 

What Happens If Your Elf on the Shelf Doesn’t Move

Well, if you forget to move elf… don’t panic. This happens. We all forget. 

You have a couple of options here. 

First, your kids will notice. They wake up looking to see where the little guy is hiding each morning. 

If your kids have not noticed yet, grab him real quick and move him somewhere simple.

This is also why it is awesome to have some ideas like this catapult up your sleep or some Elf on the Shelf printables handy. Print and go. Easy easy. 

Otherwise, if you forgot to move the elf, maybe it was because your kiddos had bad behavior yesterday? That is always a great reason. (((wink wink)))



Where Should I Hide Elf on the Shelf 

Looking for some easy places to hide your elf? 

Here are some quick easy places to hide him in a hurry!

  1. in the Christmas tree 
  2. in the bathroom (near the toilet paper) 
  3. in their car 
  4. on the kitchen table near breakfast 
  5. on a shelf in the living room (lol) 
  6. in the pantry 
  7. on the front porch
  8. in their toy buckets (but remember, they can’t touch him)
  9. in the doll house 
  10. by their gaming system 

How to Get Started with Elf on the Shelf 

First, you want to read the elf story with your kids so they know what to expect. 

Make a list of all the places you will move your elf each day. Use this editable printable calendar to make it easy to map out and easy to remember. 

Here is a great video to watch that will answer many of your top questions about how this works. 

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  1. Our elf has mellowed out over the years, but in his younger years this would have been something he did! Thanks for sharing with us at the Creative Muster. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing next week. Pinned!
    Robin ?

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