Hand Print Art: E is for Eagle

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Who is ready for another week of hand print art as we continue to explore the alphabet? As you know, we are sharing a new idea each week as we tackle the next letter of the alphabet. Today we create an e for eagle.   

Don’t forget to check out all of the letter of the week activities at the end of this post that will go perfectly with this art project. There is a printable craft, Do a Dot printables, tracing worksheets, books lists, snack ideas and more!

Hi, I’m Amanda! This is week five of our alphabet series based on hand print art. This week’s theme is E is for Eagle. My preschooler and I made a hand print eagle together and she learned that it is her father’s favorite animal.

Hand Print Art: E is for Eagle

Fun Eagle Facts

A few more fun facts about eagles to teach your child about this amazing creature:

  • They weigh 7-12 pounds.
  • Their wings can spread to 6-8 feet! I told my daughter that it’s bigger than how tall I am.
  • They have 4 talons on each leg which helps them carry their food.
  • Their beak has a hook at the end to help them eat their food.

Hand Print Eagle

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Eagle Craft

Instructions for making the hand print eagle:

  1. Paint both hand using brown paint. I squirted a blob in my daughter’s hands which she then rubbed together. I went back over the areas she missed with a paintbrush.
  2. Make sideways handprints in the center of the construction paper with the palms either touching or overlapping. These will be the wings.
  3. Make 2 yellow thumbprints under the hand prints. These will be the legs and talons.
  4. After it dries, draw an eagle head outline. Add a yellow beak and an eye. Optional: draw the talons on the yellow thumbprints.
  5. Write E is for Eagle.

Hand Print Art | E is for Eagle

The  letter of the week craft that this hand print art series corresponds with is also a hand print eagle craft. I absolutely adore how Anna turned the letter E and her kids traced hands into a super creative eagle craft!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter E)

Check out these Handwriting Practice Worksheets for alphabet learning with your preschooler!



Amanda @artsy_mommaAmanda is an ‘artsy momma’ to 2 kids who love making crafts just as much as she does. Follow their creative journey over on the blog titled Artsy Momma. Besides crafts, they share fun food ideas, hands-on learning activities, mommy DIY, + lots more! If you love handprint art, head over to their Fun Handprint Art blog where you will find hundreds of their projects all made with little hands and feet.


    1. Yay! I am glad you like it! We are working our way through the entire alphabet.

  1. What a great handprint craft! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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