Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

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Are you ready to explore the letter G? We are!

We’re going to use our hands to create hand print art that looks just like a goat!

Looking for more fun activities for kids as you teach your little on their alphabet? At the end of this post there are links to many other letter G activities and tutorials! You will find a letter of the week goat craft, a letter G Do a Dot printable, a handwriting practice worksheet that is all about the letter G, a book list for the library, and a snack idea!

I just love Amanda’s easy to follow tutorial and I love all of the goat facts this week! Are you ready to dive in?


Hi everyone! Today’s hand print art letter of the week craft is G is for Goat.

5 Fun Facts about Goats:

  • Male goats are called bucks while female goats are called does. Baby goats are called kids.
  • A group of goats is called a ‘trip of goats’.
  • They do not have upper front teeth. Instead they have a hard gum pad.
  • They have rectangular-shaped pupils allowing them to see things on the side of them without turning their head.
  • Some can jump as high as five feet!

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Art - G is for Goat

Instructions for making the Hand Print Goat:

Make a brown handprint on a sheet of construction paper.

Add a brown thumbprint under the thumb – this makes the head area.

Use the pinky finger to make a tail.

Let dry.

Hand Print Goat Craft

Cut 2 small pieces from a pipe cleaner and glue it to the top of the goat’s head. These are the horns.

Cut another small piece off from the pipe cleaner. Glue on as the beard.

Glue on a tiny googly eye or draw one on.

Draw on the nose, mouth, and hooves with a black marker.

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

We used both mini crafts sticks and regular sized ones to make the fence. It is not necessary to use both sizes. Alternatively, you could instead draw a fence on or create one from pipe cleaners.

Write ‘G is for Goat’ at the top.

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat



Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter G)

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Amanda @artsy_mommaAmanda is an ‘artsy momma’ to 2 kids who love making crafts just as much as she does. Follow their creative journey over on the blog titled Artsy Momma. Besides crafts, they share fun food ideas, hands-on learning activities, mommy DIY, + lots more! If you love handprint art, head over to their Fun Handprint Art blog where you will find hundreds of their projects all made with little hands and feet.


  1. Christie @ Practical Princess Diaries says:

    Oh my gosh! What a creative keepsake!!! I remember when I had little hands small enough to make cute art like this in my house. Now they are big teenage hands (Bigger than mine).

  2. Susan - Designs of Home says:

    I love the letter practice! Even if you do not home school, it would be a great thing for parents and/or grandparents to do with the kids.

    1. Agree Susan! Fun adult and child activity any day of the week!

  3. ADORABLE! Just plain cute. I am loving this series.

  4. So cute…I love handprint projects! When I was teaching they were always one of my favorites. The kids had blast getting messy and I knew that anything tactile had a great chance of sticking in their brain! 😉

    1. Thank you, Kim! I agree- hands on learning seems to really stick!

  5. Super fun idea. Pinned. We had so much fun partying with you at our last party. We hope to see you tonight’s party at 7 pm. We love to see what you have been working on! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com/
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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