Hand Print Art: K is for King

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If you are teaching your preschooler the letter K right now, I have some fun activities for you!

This week our hand print art shows us how to make a K for king! Super adorable!

When we work on learning our letters, I like to ask my little one to help me think of all the things that start with that letter. How many things can you think of that starts with the letter K? Key, kangaroo. kite, koala, kitten and more!

Let’s check out our tutorial this week for this fun hands on craft!

WooHoo! We are almost halfway through the hand print art alphabet series!

Today we are doing letter K is for King. While browsing in the past, I have seen a hand print queen where you paint the fingers as the crown and the palm as the face. We made ours differently but you could definitely make it that way instead for a quicker version.

Hand Print Art: K is for King

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Art K is for King

How to make the K is for King Hand Print Art:

Prep: if you do not already have a paint color for the face, mix colors together until you get a tone that you like. We mixed white with just a tiny drop of brown. Also have 2 paintbrushes ready and a paint color for the beard and hair. We used brown.

Paint the 4 fingers with the paint chosen for the beard color as well as a strip of paint on the both the top and bottom of the palm. Paint the remaining area of the palm with the paint color that you mixed. Please note that we did not paint the thumb

Make the print with the four fingers close together if possible to make it look like a beard.

K is for King Hand Print Art

Use the gold glitter paint or another color to make the crown. Paint the 4 fingers and a strip at the top of the palm.

Make a print on top of the of the hand print that you just made so that the crown fingers are opposite the printed beard fingers.

Let dry.

Hand Print Art: K is for King

Add googly eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Embellish the crown with jewel gems, sequins, stickers, or anything else that might look good on it.

Write ‘K is for King’ on it.

Hand Print Art K is for King


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