Hand Print Art: N is for Nest

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As I mentioned last week, we are halfway through the hand print alphabet series. I am just as excited about the second half! As you may already know, the hand print art matches the Letter of the Week crafts that have been shared on Crystal & Co., previously.  Be sure to check out that post if you are curious what’s in store for the remaining thirteen posts. At the end of this post we will list additional activities to do with your little on that go with the letter N.

This week’s hand print activity is Letter N for Nest.

Hand Print Art: N is for Nest Craft

Supplies Needed:

How to make the N is for Nest Hand Print Art:

Have the child paint their hand brown. Go over any spots they may have missed.

Ask them to hold their hand so that the fingers are touching each other instead of spread open.

Make a sideways hand print in the middle of the page.

Nest Hand Print Art

Choose a color for the birds and make thumbprints inside the nest. As I mentioned in the Letter L is for Lollipop post, my daughter tends to always want three of everything since that is her age. We also made a mommy bird using two thumbprints. Let Dry.

Draw on beaks, feet, eyes, wings, and tails. I also added a little worm hanging from the mom’s mouth so it looks like she’s flying back to feed the baby birds.

Hand Print Art - N is for Nest

Optional: Draw on a tree branch underneath the nest and color it in.

Write ‘N is for Nest.’

N is for Nest Hand Print Art

This hand print nest craft would be cute for Spring or as a Mother’s Day craft since the mommy bird is feeding her baby birds.

I always find the Letter N theme to be one of the more difficult letter to find activities for. Thankfully, Crystal has an entire Letter N preschool theme section here on her blog including a huge book list!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter N)

Check out these Handwriting Practice Worksheets for alphabet learning with your preschooler!



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