Hand Print Art: O is for Octopus

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Ready for more hand print art ?

This week’s craft is O which is for Octopus. Besides being a fun letter craft for preschoolers, it also makes a great craft for an ocean theme! You could even pair it with the jellyfish hand print from a few weeks ago! At the end of the post are more activities to go with the letter O. How fun would it be to make this hand print octopus, the letter O-shaped octopus (includes a book suggestion!), and eat an octopus snack?!

Hand Print Art: O is for Octopus

Supplies Needed:

Octopus Hand Print Art

How to make the O is for Octopus Hand Print Art:

Choose a color to make the octopus. Squirt a small amount on to each hand. Have the child rub their hands together until both are completely covered. Try not to get paint on the thumbs if possible.

Make a hand print with the fingers pointed down

Make a print with the other hand so the palms are overlapping each other. There should be eight legs (finger prints).

Let dry.

Hand Print Octopus Craft

Draw on eyes and a mouth or use googly eyes.

Write ‘O is for Octopus.’

Optional: Add dots on the octopus legs. You could draw them on, glue on sequin or buttons, or use glitter glue.

O is for Octopus Hand Print Art

Make it a fun counting activity! Add 1 dot to the first finger, two on the second, three on the third, and so on all the way up to eight.


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