Hand Print Art: S is for Snake

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Looking for a fun craft to go with the letter S? How about an S is for Snake hand print art craft?! You may also like this letter of the week snake craft to make along with this one. Plus, at the end of the post there will be a snack suggestion, free printables, book suggestions, and more.

Hand Print Art S is for Snake

My preschooler loved making this snake craft! Besides learning about the letter S, it also gives them practice with gluing and the added sequins give them fine motor practice. She tends to squeeze way too much out so I let her know before making the glue dots to try to make them the same size as the sequins or smaller.

Supplies Needed:

S is for Snake Hand Print Art Instructions:

Hand Print Snake

Start by having the child paint their hands orange. My daughter painted her left hand and then rubbed the two together. Make 5+ handprint in a curvy snake shape. The handprints should all be touching each other. Let dry.

Glue on 2 small, white pom poms for the eyes (or googly eyes). Add black dots to centers.

Hand Print Snake Letter S Craft

Have the child make dots of glue all over the snakes body, as many as they’d like. Add sequins to the glue dots. We used green and gold in 3 different sizes. Instead of add sequins, you could add buttons or gems. Fingerprints would also be fun!

Draw on a tongue with red marker. Write “S is for Snake” across the top.

Hand Print Snake

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