Hand Print Art: U is for Underwater

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Can you believe there’s only 5 more hand print art for the alphabet posts left after today? It seems like we just started! Have you been enjoying it so far? We sure have! Today we are covering the letter U is for Underwater. Ask your preschooler what they might find underwater. Fish of course! We made fish from my daughter’s hand and drew an underwater scene. We also talked about what else we would find. Her answers were: penguins, whale, seaweed, jellyfish, octopus, and a crab.

Hand Print Art - U is for Underwater

Book Suggestions:

Alphabet of Ocean AnimalsInto the A, B, SeaThe Ocean Alphabet Book

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Underwater Scene Instructions: 

Make 1-2 sideways hand prints on a sheet of construction paper. Let dry.

Add a face, mouth, and designs on the fish. You may even wish to draw in a couple other fish or even use thumbprints to make some.

Write ‘U is for Underwater’ across the top.

Make a wavy line across the entire page under the writing.

U is for Underwater Hand Print Art

Draw seaweed. Let the child color the seaweed. Slightly older preschoolers may wish to draw their own seaweed.

Add any other ‘underwater’ things – optional.

Use a blue marker or watercolor paint to color the remaining white areas.

Talk to your preschooler about how the fish breathe underwater. My daughter’s reply. “I don’t know” with a big smile. Then she tried to find out from Big Brother. Here’s a cute video on YouTube explaining it in a preschool-friendly way.

Hand Print Art: U is for Underwater


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