Hand Print Art: X is for Xylophone

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Hi everyone! I’m Amanda from the blogs Fun Handprint Art and Artsy Momma here to share another hand print art for the alphabet post with you all. Today we are sharing an ‘X is for Xylophone’ craft. Besides being a fun craft to make for the letter of the week, it will also help your preschooler practice their gluing skills. Show them how to do controlled amounts and ask them to try to make the same size glue dots (or lines). They will also use patterning for the colors of the rainbow which is perfect for those who just learnt the correct order or are in the process of learning it.

Hand Print Art: X is for Xylophone

At the end of the post will be even more letter ‘X’ activities to do with your preschooler including books, crafts, and free printables.

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Xylophone Instructions: 

Start by making a hand print with brown paint. You will want to make sure the fingers aren’t spread too far apart. Set aside to dry.

Making a Hand Print Xylophone Craft

In the meantime, paint 6 mini craft sticks in the colors of the rainbow. Take 2 more craft sticks and let your preschooler design their own xylophone sticks/mallets with markers. My daughter loved that she got to design her sticks as she pleased.

Hand Print Art: X is for Xylophone

Glue the rainbow pieces on top of the hand print with a little space in between each. Glue the 2 mallet sticks in an ‘x’ shape next to the xylophone hand print. Add a pom pom t the end of each stick. Remember to ask them to try to make small dots/lines instead of just squeezing out as much as they can.

Write ‘X is for Xylophone’ across the top or bottom of the page.

Hand Print Xylophone Craft

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