How Being a Better Wife Made Me a Better Mom (Podcast Episode 002)

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Do you have any idea how far your sincerity goes in a marriage?

Lenny and I have been at this relationship thing for a long time. We have had amazing times in our marriage and we’ve had struggles.

In our latest podcast we candidly share how to love one another and some tips that work for us. This is how he helps me as my husband and this is how I help him as his wife. In turn, believe it or not, it makes us better parents!

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how wives help husbands how husbands help wives


Where does your marriage stand in these areas:


  1. How genuine are you with your words?
  2. Do you compare your marriage to other people’s marriage?
  3. Do you compare your spouse to your friends spouse?
  4. Are you overlooking the simple ways you can have date nights?
  5. Do you pray for your spouse?

when you tell me you love me

Listen to the Podcast:

Listen to our latest podcast. Ignore the child who comes into the room and opens the squeaky door.

And Lenny does share a crazy story about a breast pump from when our twins were babies…. oh my. ¬†Considered editing it out, but it shows his love. His crazy love. I hope it does not offend anyone.

Show Notes:

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  1. Christine Lopez says:

    Love this session…you both were terrific. Love, Mom

    1. A step back is always good! Thanks for stopping by, Starla!

  2. This is wonderful. I’m always looking for way to improve my marriage because, well, you can never know too much for success! We should work on praying for each other more, I think.

  3. Thank you for this great post! Great reminders on what is important in marriage! Thank you so much!! XO

  4. That was so funny…a milk factory! But seriously I give it up for all mothers who have multiple young children at the same time. Mine are 7 years apart and I am not sure how we survived. You two sound like a great team. Congrats on working hard to create a great home life for your family.

    1. Oh my word… I could not believe he said that! Those days were challenging but we certainly made it through!

  5. What you want your marriage to look like is the absolute best thing to keep in mind. It is hard to do but so important.

  6. You have wonderful and helpful articles on your blog. Thanks so much for linking up with Idea Box.

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