The Cutest Homemade Snowman Ornaments Ever

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Christmas is right around the corner! Can you believe it!

I just love the way the tree lights up our family room during the holidays. The whole process of putting up the tree and decorating the house is also another thing we just love doing. Each year I try and add new ornaments or decor to the tree to make it even more special. We have made lots of ornaments in the past but this homemade snowman ornament is just too cute! They are super easy to make and a great addition to your Christmas tree this year!

You will need:

This project is so simple you will want to make a bunch for your tree and your kids will love them!

Then remove the metal top and begin squirting a few good squeezes of the white paint inside the ornament. Swirl it around some to coat the inside. You may have to do this a few times to get the majority of the inside of the ornament coated well.

Put the top of the ornament back onto the ornament and set it aside. Cut at the heel of the sock. Since we used the top of the sock and the bottom we just cut out the heel area to make 2 rectangles; 1 top rectangle and 1 bottom. Slide the cut sock over the top of your painted ornament. Adjust it so that it sits just like a hat would on your head! Secure with a few dots of hot glue. Of course…you are in charge of that part!

Then take another piece of the ribbon and tie it around the top to gather the hat. Cut it shorter so it doesn’t show. Last, draw on your snowman face!

We LOVE how these turned out and they look great on any tree!

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  1. Alex,

    What kind of markers did you use for the faces? And where did you find the socks? These are adorable and maybe I will be able to make these for next year.


  2. What a cool idea! Thank you for sharing! I don’t have many red socks, I think I will try with old red clothes.

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